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Second home management services

Within our portfolio are a number of properties which are regularly unoccupied as their owners live elsewhere, either using the property as a holiday home or while they are on secondment with work abroad. We provide services to ensure both the property security and maintenance, and also preparing for when the owners visit so that everything is ready and comfortable for them.

For example, we have one client who lives abroad and visits her second home a few times each year. Her friends are also often invited to use the property for their holidays. We visit the property each fortnight to check on its security, collect the mail, run taps, flush toilets, etc. After each visit, we send our client a status email and agree action for any relevant items received in the post (including payment of bills).

When she or her friends visit, we organise cleaning, collect dry cleaning, stock the fridge, arrange a car to collect them from the airport with the keys, organise travel (often a hire care is needed with child seats), get tickets for shows or other events, propose itineraries and entertainment options in particular for children.

Once they leave, we organise a post-clean, do the laundry, clean out fridge and freezer, turn off all appliances and close the property.

As required, we arrange any repairs needed, organise annual safety checks for gas appliances and boiler maintenance etc. Plus on occasion the client asks us to organise some redecoration work – all of which are tasks we manage, negotiate with suppliers and ensure are complete.

If you need services to help you look after property, please contact us. We can do as much or as little as you need.