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Property portfolio management

In preparation for the cold weather, over the past few months we have been getting winter maintenance jobs completed – we have got garden furniture cleaned and covered, garden watering computers brought in and external taps lagged, spring bulbs planted, gutters cleared, chimney swept, and draught sealing for sash windows installed.

During the period we have also had a changeover at one of our client’s properties with outgoing tenant checkout at 1pm and incoming tenant check-in at 4pm! This left just enough time for a full professional clean and refreshing of a few furnishing items (new rugs from Ikea must always been unrolled a couple of days beforehand to allow them to flatten so these have been taking up significant floor space to dance around!).

Then the new tenants wanted some items of furniture removed (after check-in as always!) including a futon which we managed to sell on eBay within 48 hours plus a hoover, iron, ironing board, etc which we will store for when our landlord client next needs them for one of his portfolio.

One happy landlord as he has no downtime period when not receiving any rent. Next we need to find him another investment property to purchase that is in need of minor upgrading work to ensure a good price can be negotiated. This is likely to be purchased at an auction so lots of research, open day visit/s and bidding to be done!

If you need help managing your investment properties, give us a call.